Vision is a function of your heart

Sight is a function of your eyes...

Get clarity in your vision,

A clarity beyond 20/20

Meet dr.

susan truong

Your "Beyond 20/20 Vision Strategist"

Life Coaching Professional Dr. Susan Truong has been caring for patients as an eye doctor for more than 20 years. She literally helps people to see 20/20. So she knows a thing or two about sight and vision. "Sight" is a function of your eyes, while "vision" is a function of your heart.

In August, 2014, when she lost a younger brother to cancer only 9 days after his diagnosis, she pivoted. Today, as a Visionary Strategist, she is passionate about inspiring you to live Beyond 20/20 Vision.

Don't just merely exist - wake up, and truly live! Right here, and right now.

What Is 'vision beyond 2o/2o'?


Define Your Vision

Find Your "Why"

Develop Your Mindset

Identify Your Blindspots

Gain Clarity & Create an Action Plan

I am dedicated to inspiring you and millions of others to live into your true vision. 

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